Murat Vargi pioneered the establishment of TED Istanbul College Foundation in 1997 and he has been supporting the College since then. Murat Vargi is a member of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of Ted Istanbul College. The Foundation provides scholarships to students under the name "TED Torch of Education".

In 2008, “Birgul Vargi” building which includes laboratories, university consulting offices and a library, was opened in TED Istanbul College campus.

The Anatolian High School and the Primary School built in Diyarbakir Cermik by KVK in the memory of Ercan Demirkol, an employee who lost his life in a plane crash. The school was opened in 2008 and a student dormitory with a bed capacity of 136 was put into service in the same year. 

MV Holding also supports the Education Reform Initiative at the Sabanci University.

Murat Vargi is a member of the Board of Trustees of TED Istanbul College, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) and Okan University.

TED Istanbul College

Turkish Education Fund TED was founded 81 years ago in accordance with the directions and the principles established by Ataturk, the chief teacher of Turkey, and its purpose is to raise young generations who celebrate the secular republic and live in accordance with its principles.

TED Istanbul College was founded by the TED Ankara College Alumni in Istanbul, in accordance with these principles.

Book for Everyone Foundation 

The aim of the foundation is to build, develop and spread the reading habbit in Turkey and to provide that each book is efficiently delivered to every part of Turkey and all readers have access to books in easy, fast, trustable and economic conditions. The Foundations aims to maintain the infrastucture that the books are passed to next generations

ERG – The Educational Reform Initiative

The Educational Reform Initiative primarily brings bureaucrats, universities, schools and non-governmental organizations to support the educational reform and provides a pluralistic and creative idea creation process.

The communication and cooperation networks created activate joint minds and skills in connection with different reform areas and support the research, defense and monitoring activities.

TEGV – The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey

Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, Founded in 1995,  aims to support the basic education provided by the state to the children between 7 and 16 years of age and provide them with vital skills. The Foundation believes that only the best education for children would guarantee the bright figures in the future of Turkey.

Koc University Anatolian Scholarships Program

The aim of the Anatolian Scholarships program is to contribute education by uniting the successful students from developing regions of Anatolia with Koc University’s distinct facilities, thus raising well educated individuals to the society.

MV Holding continues to support education by providing scholarships to underprivileged, successful students from Anatolia.

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