In the socio-economic area, MV Holding supports research studies of The Center for Public Policy and Democracy ( PODEM) Studies where Murat Vargi is a member of the Board of Trustees. 

MV Holding decided to allocate a significant amount of resources for the launch and the development of a microcredit project in Balikesir under the Turkish Grameen Microcredit Program in 2009.

MV Holding Balıkesir Microcredit Branch was opened in 14 July 2009 and first credit has been allocated.

TOG – The Community Volunteers Foundation

In the leadership of young people, it was founded in 2002 for social peace, solidarity and change and it aims at realizing social service projects for this purpose.

It aims at contributing to the creation of a self-reliable, initiative and sensitive young society.

PODEM - The Center for Public Policy and Democracy Studies

The Center for Public Policy and Democracy Studies (PODEM) is an Istanbul-based independent think tank founded in February 2015.

PODEM seeks to contribute to the efforts towards the creation of a Turkey where democracy is fully institutionalized, and where a democratic mindset, social peace and justice prevail. It further envisions a Turkey that is increasingly influential in the establishment of peace and justice on regional and global levels.

Turkish Grameen Microcredit Program

The Grameen Bank Project, also known as the “banking for the poor”, which is led by Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi economist to be awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, granted small loans to Bangladeshi women for enabling them to start their own businesses. Yunus conducts his activities in the Americas as well as Kosovo, Turkey, Zambia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Indonesia. In Turkey, the Grameen Microcredit Program conducts its activities in Diyarbakir by the cooperation between the Turkish Foundation for Preventing Waste and the GrameenTrust.

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